The VitalFlow™ Stimulator: An Emergency Treatment for Strokes

Treatment to restore blood flow to the brain of patients with stroke (or other similar conditions like vasospasm), is only effective if applied within the first few hours, before brain damage is irreversible. Less than 5% of patients can get to a hospital that can treat stroke, get brain images, and get properly diagnosed and treated within that time window. Stroke is very common, affecting millions, and most of those who do not receive timely treatment, face death or serious disability that will require long and costly rehabilitation.

The VitalFlow™ stimulator is an easy, safe, noninvasive, magnetic stimulation treatment. It significantly increases blood flow to the brain after a single 2-minute stimulation, buying time and saving brain and does not require diagnostic imaging before treatment. The stimulator can be applied earlier, in any emergency department or ambulance. The VitalFlow is an emergency treatment for the brain that could become as ubiquitous as cardiac defibrillators!

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